Afghan Kush


The cannabis strain Afghan Kush is a powerful indica, exuding an earthy, pine fragrance with a similar taste. Some reviewers have said it exudes a pinesol-like smell, citrusy and herbal. Its known to have massive, condensed buds when ready to harvest, broad leaves, and heavy resin content.
It descends from the indica strain Afghani, its roots being traced back to the Hindu Kush mountain range near the Afghanistan-Pakistan border. It was first bred to create a perfect and potent cannabis strain for producing sticky, black Afghani hash.
Afghan Kush has an average THC content of 13%-14% with a high of 17%. Its high creates extremely powerful effects on the body, causing the consumer to feel lazy and/or sleepy. It’s recommended for nighttime use, being effective in relieving aches and pains while inducing a euphoric sensation. Many reviewers say its hard to move after ingestion, as well as giving them the munchies. Those experiencing insomnia give this strain a high rating for its sedative effects.
Mild cases of dizziness and paranoia have been known to accompany this strain as negative side-effects, but only if consumed improperly. If too much is consumed at once, headaches may occur a few hours after the high wears off.
Amateur growers can easily grow Afghan Kush. Even if an inexperienced grower produces low yields, the potency of the buds will make up for lost accumulation.


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Weed shop near me. Afghan Kush, commonly known as “Afghan OG,” is an indica strain that originated in the Hindu Kush mountain region. This marijuana strain is recognized for its characteristic indica body effects and is classed as an easy-to-grow marijuana strain. These effects might continue for up to 3 hours. This variety is traditionally picked for its ability to produce greater hashish counts.

With light colored nugs and resinous trichomes, the plant will be robust. Countless crimson or dark orange colored hairs cover the buds. While the THC content of the Afghan Kush strain is 21.6 percent (of all cannabinoids), the CBD content is very significant and offers therapeutic benefits. This medical marijuana strain’s scent will be similar to a mango orange farm with a hint of stink.

This strain doesn’t have a particularly strong flavor. This will have a fruity, bland flavor. This strain is said to impact the user’s body more than his or her mind, causing drowsiness and sleepiness. Because of these side effects, insomnia patients frequently use this as a bedtime medicine. Stress, anxiety, anorexia, and chronic pain can all benefit from this.

Order marijuana online. In the Hindu Kush mountain region, Afghan Kush, a nearly 100 percent Indica strain, grows organically. With a touch of Pinesol, the strain has a highly earthy, almost “hash-like” fragrance. It has a sweet hash flavor when smoked, similar to how it smells.

The buds of this strain are thick and coated with trichomes in abundance (the THC making glands or crystals). The shrub bears the well-known wide lea.

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