Taste & Smell: Earthy & Sweet

Effects: Calm, Creative, Happy, Dizzy, Dry Eyes, Dry Mouth & Nervous


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Marijuana for sale online. Chemdawg is a nicely balanced hybrid cannabis strain that’s become quite popular over the past several years for both its effects and pungent smell. Its scent and taste are classically cannabis, being of diesel and spicy wet earth. Its harvest-ready buds are bulbous and vivid green.
THC levels average at around 19% Its high is known to relax the mind and free it from negative, racing thoughts simultaneously leaving the body feeling heavy and pain-free. There’s a slight increase in creativity, and a euphoric feeling will spread throughout the consumer. Many note that this strain is an excellent choice for consuming with loved ones and friends for a night in.
Adverse side-effects beyond dry mouth and eyes include paranoia, dizziness, and nervousness in the form of anxiety.

Royal Chemdawg is a somewhat indica dominating hybrid (60 percent indica/40 percent sativa) strain bred from the legendary Chemdawg 91 and Deadhead OG strains. This potent strain is known for its incapacitating narcotic effects, which are fueled by a THC content that ranges from 19 to 25% on average. The Royal Chemdawg high starts with an almost immediate uplifting and creative head high with cerebral stimulation and euphoric energy. This high slowly fades into a deep relaxation that causes your head to become slightly hazy although completely pain free. order marijuana online

The high will spread throughout your body, leaving you stoned, drowsy, and in a trance-like state. Royal Chemdawg is believed to be ideal for treating chronic pain, sleeplessness, mild to severe depression, and persistent anxiety or stress because to its strong indica heavy effects. On exhale, this bud has a skunky lemon lime scent with a pungent hint of diesel, as well as a skunky pungent diesel flavor with a tinge of sweet and sour lemon lime.



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